Week 1 Update – NSC Series

Week 1 Update

As I’m writing this week 1 update for you all, I have a horrible, awful, no-good, very bad migraine (ugh!) so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. Each Sunday I’ll be giving you all an update on any funds we have spent, what we have eaten, and how we are doing. So, here we go with our week 1 update!

Week 1 Update

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As some of you may know, we are in the midst of our first ever No Spend Challenge (NSC) which started January 1.

The short story is that my wife and I racked up a ton of debt (read how HERE) and want to pay it off as quickly as possible so that we can live our dream lives (read about our goals HERE). This challenge will help us learn about living frugal, saving money, and paying off our debt faster.

Visit our post, Frugal Living at its Finest: the No Spend Challenge, to view why we are doing the challenge, what the challenge entails, and the rules.

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Follow our rules or make your own! Join for one week or the entire month! We know that not everyone is in the same situation we are in. Stick with the No Spend Challenge for as much or as little as you are able in your situation and don’t be afraid to hop on after the starting date (it’s never too late to join in on the fun!).

We’ll be taking the challenge right alongside you – with daily blog posts, encouragements, and exclusive email information and communication: this will be the single, greatest choice you make to jump start the New Year.

Funds: Week 1 Update

This week we did really well at not spending any money. In fact, we didn’t spend anything outside of the parameters that we set.

We, of course, paid our bills on time so I won’t include those. Other than bills, here is what was spent:

$30.12 – Gas. We decided right away that gas would not be included in this challenge because it’s necessary to get to work. So, while we are not allowed to do a ton of extra driving, gas expenses themselves won’t be penalized.

<$5 – Cash. We spent this money to get Naproxen for my migraine. It’s a necessary medical expense because otherwise this migraine would stay forever and we don’t have any at home. This is another instance that we decided at the forefront – medical expenses won’t count into our NSC. So, we don’t feel bad for this.

Food: Week 1 Update

We were very fortunate this past week to live at camp. Not only did I get a couple of meals from the camp, but we also had a friend who took us out to Pizza Ranch one day and another who ordered pizza a few days later. This was unexpected, but very much appreciated! It definitely made the whole not-spending-money-on-food thing easier.

Here’s what we ate this week:

Friday, January 1

Breakfast: Egg Patties, Banana
Lunch: Pizza Ranch Buffet
Dinner: Hot Dogs & Toast (because why not?)
Any Snacks: Hot Cocoa & S’mores (gotta love camp life)

Saturday, January 2

Breakfast: N/A
Lunch: Hot Dogs & Mac n’ Cheese
Dinner: Pizza (from the friend who ordered it)
Any Snacks: Pistachios

Sunday, January 3

Breakfast: Leftover Tacos
Lunch: Leftover BBQ Ribs
Dinner: Homemade Pasta & Cheesy, Garlic Sauce
Any Snacks:

Monday, January 4

Lunch: Me: Leftover Pasta, Wife: Potluck @ Work
Dinner: Turkey Burgers & Baked Potatoes
Any Snacks: Leftover S’more Dip (from the potluck)

Tuesday, January 5

Breakfast: Homemade Cinnamon Roll
Lunch: Leftover Potatoes & Turkey Burgers
Dinner: Homemade Spaghetti (with both homemade noodles and homemade sauce)
Any Snacks: Crock Pot Apple Spice Cake

Wednesday, January 6

Breakfast: Braided Chocolate Crescent
Lunch: Homemade Crescent Roll Grilled Cheese & Leftover Spaghetti
Dinner: Hamburgers & Tater Tots
Any Snacks:

Thursday, January 7

Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll
Lunch: Leftover Spaghetti
Dinner: Homemade Turkey Bacon Ranch Wraps
Any Snacks:

Friday, January 8

Breakfast: Bagel & Cream Cheese
Lunch: Ramen (my parents had given us some over Christmas because they knew that they wouldn’t eat it)
Dinner: Didn’t eat much: migraine
Any Snacks:

Saturday, January 9

Breakfast: Migraine
Lunch: Migraine
Dinner: Catering food (whenever we help at catering events, they feed us great food!)
Any Snacks:

Overall: Week 1 Update

I would say that this first week went really well. We got by without spending anything (I mean, $35 is so little compared to what we COULD have spent!). We aren’t dying, we haven’t run out of food (in fact, we have way more than I think we’ll be able to eat so we may need to extend the challenge). It’s been a great experience and really has made me think.

The most eye-opening piece of this week? I would say it has to be the food thing. There were a couple of nights where we came home and were hungry, tired, etc. from work. We didn’t want to cook, we didn’t want to pick food, and nothing at all sounded good. Normally we would have eaten out on those nights, but since we can’t, we realized how we have tons of food and we’re lucky to have this problem. So, we will definitely be more conscious of this going forward after the challenge.

Thanks for reading our week 1 update! If you didn’t already, I’d love to hear your update for your first week of the challenge!

Quote for today is by Ben Franklin: “Well done is better than well said.”

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