Using Mindfulness to Set Financial Goals

Using Mindfulness to Set Financial Goals

Last week I took a trip out to the East Coast. First of all, I want to note that it was amazing. I had a great experience. My wife got to see mountains for the first time in her life, we drove on the ever-famous Blue Ridge Parkway, climbed to the top of the Humpback Rocks on Humpback Mountain, visited our first Movie Tavern with my amazing uncle, and even stopped at Washington D.C. to see the sights! Not only that, but I also had a guest post go live on another blogger’s site – Using Mindfulness to Set Financial Goals.

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You may remember the post earlier last week on DIY Jahn titled: Using Minimalism to Grow Your Money. Well, the writer of that amazing guest post was Uzy from Coming Om. And, another fun fact, that is the blog that I posted on as well! We decided it would be a great idea to exchange guest posts so that we both could share our knowledge with the other blogger’s audience. I knew that you all would love Uzy’s post on minimalism, and Uzy knew that his reader’s would gain some insight from my post on mindfulness.

Now, I couldn’t very well keep my post from you all, could I? So, I wanted to share it with you today. You see, I wasn’t so sure about mindfulness when I first began my journey, but it has helped me to achieve so many financial goals and to set new ones that I know are right for my family. Using mindfulness to set financial goals has helped me to gain clarity, to save money, to pay off debt, and ultimately, to find hope once again.

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Anyway, I would love it if you would bop over to Coming Om and read my post. You can find it by clicking HERE or by using the links below! Thanks for reading and supporting DIY Jahn.

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Using Minimalism to Set Financial Goals

Using Mindfulness To Set Financial Goals

Using Mindfulness To Set Financial Goals

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