To Paris: With Love

Today, I simply want to say that my heart goes out to those in Paris and around the world who have suffered this weekend, those who have been lost, those who have been injured, those who have dealt with loss, and those around the world who are affected.

My heart goes out to all who have been hurt, are hurting, and are in need of healing.

I pray that you may find time to breathe, time to process, time to heal.

I pray there will be peace in your hearts amidst the chaos.

For all who are hurting, I am praying for you.

My heart goes out to you.

To Paris: with love


To Paris- With Love

6 Replies to “To Paris: With Love”

  1. It is awful how Paris was attacked out of the blue, innocent people were killed and we don’t even know why. It disgusts me that humanity would stoop so low. What happened to love thy neighbour?

  2. we are devastated. I am 2 hours away to Paris, friends from there; it is there our weekend trips and inspiration for kitchen an life style; it is a town with center with students and tourists and old buildings 500 years old or more.

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