The Luckiest.

Sometimes, I get bogged down in the idea of life. I mean, the way society and the economy is going now, it’s pretty hard to get ahead – especially if you don’t start out well-off to begin with.

Most people, nowadays, start off in a low income home. They grow up with parents who are struggling to get by or just making ends me. Okay, maybe this isn’t everyone, but it certainly is a lot of people that I know.

Their parents show them that surviving is possible. And of course, their parents remind them that money doesn’t buy happiness and you can be happy living on next to nothing as long as you have family and friends to hold you up.

Which is absolutely true. I completely agree – 100%


I was thinking about a day in my past that made me feel lucky and that’s when this all came to mind. I was around 16 years old and I was walking to the dollar store to buy something (I can’t even remember what). The dollar store was about 4 blocks away from my home in Clinton, IA and so I didn’t think it was necessary to drive. In fact, I remember it being a beautiful day – it must have been early spring.

There was some snow on the ground around the edges of the street, but most of it was muddy and brown – melting into sludge that covered the curbs. Even with the gross piles sliding down the roads, you could smell the river and the clean air that came from it, you could hear the birds singing, the sky was bright blue with some tufts of clouds, and I was wearing a light sweater – the sun was just warm enough not to need a jacket. It was gorgeous.

I went to the dollar store, picked up my item, and began my walk home. I walked on the side of the roads of downtown that was lined with businesses, just because that was the side I happened to be on. Basically, downtown Clinton looks like a long strip mall in old brick buildings. It’s beautiful, but most of the businesses have closed down since then, sadly.

I heard a noise – screeching tires, slipping footsteps, breaking glass, crinkling metal, honking horns, and then a car came two feet away from me onto the sidewalk and into the front of a local business window until it was about halfway inside the building. My heart stopped. I was only two feet away.

What happened? An older lady had had some sort of health emergency while she was driving her car. She hit the corner of the street she was driving down, swerved onto the street I was on, hit a parked car, swerved again, hit another parked car, swerved again, and then went slamming across the parking lot and into the window of the shop, barely missing the worker who sat inside.

We are luckier than we think we are.

See, the thing is, most people think that just because they don’t have anything right now means they can’t have something for their future. If you are in your twenties, thirties, or even teens, now is the time to start working toward a better future. Hell, if you’re in your forties, fifties, or sixties, you can start today! What will it hurt?

I’m not saying that you should hold back from everything in order to save money, believe me. But I am saying that you shouldn’t go crazy and do whatever you want all the time. And the thing is: we are lucky to be able to have that opportunity – the opportunity to grow and do better and become something better. We don’t have to live in poverty and live paycheck to paycheck. It is entirely possible to pay off debt and live life to the fullest even on a small income (click here to see how my wife and I saved $1,800 in one night to pay toward debt).

We are LUCKY people to live in this day and age – to have the internet filled with people who want to help us succeed – to have the option of succeeding even when it seems hard.

Also, one of my favorite songs (that was coincidentally also sung at my wedding – which you can read about here) is a song called the Luckiest that I first heard in the movie About Time. The movie is fantastic, but even if you don’t have time for that, I definitely encourage you to listen to the soundtrack. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Live life to the fullest and remember: each day you are alive is a lucky day to be alive.

So, I’m curious: What is the luckiest you’ve ever felt?

Thanks for reading!

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8 Replies to “The Luckiest.”

  1. You are lucky. We are lucky too. And we appreciate what we have.
    We decided to keep under control all the expenses, but not to abandon the holidays. We have 2 holidays every year: we book cheap flights and airbnb to rent a studio, but I will not cancel anymore the holiday.
    I had a period when I had no economies for holiday and I suffered to work 2 years continuously, but I will not do anymore this.

    1. That’s wonderful. I’m glad you’re able to take two holidays every year. It’s good for the soul. We just took one of ours this past weekend – it’s relaxing and definitely helps, but you’re right, it’s easy to save money while traveling if you look for deals. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. Fabulous post! There is such truth here, we are absolutely lucky. We are blessed to be able to take heed of our surroundings, and make steps toward shifting our lives and environments if we so choose to. Thank you for sharing this story ~*

  3. I think I feel lucky most days. I have seen how little seperates a life of comfort from one of struggle, and I feel lucky everyday that everything in my body functions as it should and I am able to take full advantage of my skills. Thank you for your post, it puts life into perspective.

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