Side Hustle Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet – NSC Series

Side Hustle Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Everyone knows that in order to pay down debt, you need to use the simple system: spend less than you make. However, at what point is that not enough? If you cut your spending as far as it will go, it’s time to branch out and find ways to make some extra cash. Need some side hustle ideas to spring you along? You’ve come to the right place!

Side Hustle Ideas -

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As some of you may know, we are in the midst of our first ever No Spend Challenge (NSC) which started January 1.

The short story is that my wife and I racked up a ton of debt (read how HERE) and want to pay it off as quickly as possible so that we can live our dream lives (read about our goals HERE). This challenge will help us learn about living frugal, saving money, and paying off our debt faster.

Visit our post, Frugal Living at its Finest: the No Spend Challenge, to view why we are doing the challenge, what the challenge entails, and the rules.

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Follow our rules or make your own! Join for one week or the entire month! We know that not everyone is in the same situation we are in. Stick with the No Spend Challenge for as much or as little as you are able in your situation and don’t be afraid to hop on after the starting date (it’s never too late to join in on the fun!).

We’ll be taking the challenge right alongside you – with daily blog posts, encouragements, and exclusive email information and communication: this will be the single, greatest choice you make to jump start the New Year.

Side Hustle Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

As my wife and I are working to pay down our debt, we’re realizing just how many ideas we have to make some extra funds. Today, we’re sharing our side hustle ideas with you in hopes that it will help you reach the ultimate goal: debt freedom. Enjoy!

Look Around Your Town!

The best place to start when it comes to side hustle ideas is to look in your own backyard. There are always people in need of some extra help and willing to pay. Here are some of our favorite ideas, but remember there are a ton more in your area. Check the local newspapers, classified websites, craigslist, and even your town’s Facebook group.

Helping a Local Caterer

My wife and I help a local caterer for bigger events. Since she is self-run, she can’t afford to hire a full-time staff. When she needs a few extra hands for serving, cooking, preparing, etc. she calls us up! Usually this is a 5-7 hour job and pays $100 per event (for each of us, so $200 for our family). We live in a smaller area so we only get called about once per month for events, but in bigger cities there is probably a higher need!

Applying for a Part-Time Job

There are plenty of businesses in need of an extra hand here and there. Small town businesses may need someone to shovel the snow or open the shop once per week, but don’t discount franchises. Working 10 hours per week at McDonald’s or Subway may seem like the worst thing that could happen, but when you get an extra couple hundred bucks at the end of the month and get to taste the sweet taste of debt freedom sooner, you’ll be glad you did it! Remember, you aren’t “too good” for anything. Just because you have a fancy degree or have been in the workforce for 20-30 years does not mean you can’t lower yourself to work a minimum wage job. If you have debt, you need the money. And if you need the money, you’ll need to do the work.

Smaller Tasks

Many people are looking for help with one day tasks such as moving, mowing the lawn, fixing a radio, a ride to work, etc. Watch for these side hustle ideas to be posted on local webpages and pick them up. It’s a great way to get a few extra bucks here and there to throw at your debt!


Baby sitting, house sitting, pet sitting: they all have an important thing in common – they’re a great way to make some extra cash! Love kids? Play with them for a few hours a week! Love pets and nature? Take pets on walks, feed them, and get some good cuddle time in!

Make Money Online

We created an entire section of our blog for this exact purpose: making money online. Whether you need it to pay down debt, start up your savings, or for that vacation you are looking to take, here are a ton of side hustle ideas to get you started!

Buying Things Online

Yes, you read that right. One of our side hustle ideas is buying things online. By using programs such as Ebates and Ibotta, you can get cash back on any purchases. Plus, you make money when you refer people to use the site – it’s a win-win!

Playing With Your Phone

Okay, now we’re just getting crazy, right? No, really! YOU can earn money easily by playing with your phone. Swipe it on and earn points. Check out Fronto! It’s not a super fast way to make money, but I earned over $10 in one money – and it didn’t take any extra time at all. It’s like FREE money!

Selling Your Skills

Do you have any skills you can market? Perhaps you’re great at drawing caricatures, designing logos, or being a voice-over. Maybe you’re an amazing knitter, can take photos like a pro, or even write stories. In any case, you should check out Fiverr – a great place to sell your skills to the world!

If you don’t know about that, perhaps you prefer writing or administrative duties. Are you an awesome writer? Freelance Writing may be the perfect job for you! Prefer the administrative job? How about becoming a Virtual Assistant? These are awesome side hustle ideas that can earn a significant extra income!

Become a Direct Sales Rep

Before you get all high-and-mighty, remember that people DO actually earn extra money by becoming direct sales representatives and YOU CAN, TOO! Try starting out with awesome places such as: Advocare, Beachbody, It Works, and Younique.

Start a Blog

My absolute favorite of the side hustle ideas is to start a blog. Why? Because it’s something I’m passionate about. If you’re interested in starting a blog (about anything), check out our super easy-to-follow tutorial to setting up a blog and beginning to monetize it. You can make money blogging, if you put in the time and commit to doing it right.

Here’s the tutorial: CLICK HERE

Here’s how to monetize: CLICK HERE

Side Hustle Ideas-

Side Hustle Ideas

Here’s a quick little overview of the side hustle ideas we talked about in this post. For more ideas, visit our Make Money Online page today – click HERE!

  • Make money in your local area by finding a part-time job, pet/house/baby sitting, helping with simple tasks, or finding a local business-owner in need of assistance
  • Make money online through direct sales, buying items online, playing with your phone, and more!
  • Start a blog and replace your full-time job with your passion!

We only have a few days left of our No Spend Challenge, so here goes our quote for Day 29 by Nelson Mandela.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

What is your biggest accomplishment for the month of January?

Leave your response in the comments below!

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