Need Help Paying Off Student Loans? – NSC Series

Need Help Paying Off Student Loans?

If you’re anything like my family, you know what it’s like to be in debt. In fact, you probably know it all too well. I’m guessing you have tried to get out, too. That you have worked your butt off and that you have paid on it for years to no avail. Well, today we created an infographic just for you to give you some much needed help paying off student loans!

I’ll show you and walk you through it below!

Need Help Paying Off Student Debt-

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As some of you may know, we are in the midst of our first ever No Spend Challenge (NSC) which started January 1.

The short story is that my wife and I racked up a ton of debt (read how HERE) and want to pay it off as quickly as possible so that we can live our dream lives (read about our goals HERE). This challenge will help us learn about living frugal, saving money, and paying off our debt faster.

Visit our post, Frugal Living at its Finest: the No Spend Challenge, to view why we are doing the challenge, what the challenge entails, and the rules.

The hardest thing about budgeting and frugal living is doing it alone and that’s why we want to invite you all to join us on our NSC. Sign up below to opt-in to our email community, filled with exclusive tips and tricks for saving money to survive living frugal during your NSC month.

Follow our rules or make your own! Join for one week or the entire month! We know that not everyone is in the same situation we are in. Stick with the No Spend Challenge for as much or as little as you are able in your situation and don’t be afraid to hop on after the starting date (it’s never too late to join in on the fun!).

We’ll be taking the challenge right alongside you – with daily blog posts, encouragements, and exclusive email information and communication: this will be the single, greatest choice you make to jump start the New Year.

Help Paying Off Student Loans

Today we are sharing an infographic that we think will be helpful as you strive toward that goal of debt freedom. It’s a long journey, but I promise that it’s worth it. Here are some tips to help you out! Of course, if you want more tips, want to share your story, or have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, let us know!

Don’t forget to look below the infographic for even more helpful information!

Help Paying Off Student Loans Infographic -

  1. Tips to build a better budget for you and your family can be found by clicking HERE.
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  4. Tips for saving money and living frugally can be found by clicking HERE!
  5. Tips for creating goals for debt repayment (including ways to celebrate) can be found by clicking HERE!

Today is day 26 of our No Spend Challenge and we are only FIVE DAYS away from the finish line! If you need help paying off student loans, I definitely recommend trying out our No Spend Challenge in February.

Our quote today is by Shauna Neiquist, who is one of my favorite authors.

“It is not hard to decide what you want your life to be about. What is hard is figuring out what you are willing to give up in order to do the things you really care about.”

What are you doing today that will help you live the life you want to live?

Leave your responses in the comments below!

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9 Replies to “Need Help Paying Off Student Loans? – NSC Series”

  1. Excellent advice. We started a No Spend Challenge earlier this month, it ends mid-February. I’m finding that I just have way too much stuff in my house and I really don’t need to buy more. The only thing we’ve allowed ourselves to buy (excluding third party obligations and business purchases) is milk, bread, flour, eggs, and fruit/veggies for the kids to keep them eating healthy. It’s drastically cut down on our grocery budget, and we’re not spending on those everyday splurges such as eating out or grabbing a coffee. Once I find a good sandwich bread, bread will come off our grocery list too!

    1. I think those are great rules, Mary! The No Spend Challenge mindset truly changes the way you think about your budget and your needs. I know it has for me, anyway. I hope you stay tuned! 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting

    1. That’s GREAT, Iman! Anything that you can do to earn some extra cash to put toward your student debt will certainly help you. Let us know if you need any other help too! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mortimer! If you ever want to use it on your site, I can send you the image. I only ask that you link it back to my site and give credit where credit is due 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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