Is your house a cluttered mess?

I know that I personally struggle with filling up my life with items I do not need. Of course, I make myself think that I do need them which is why they stick around for so long. I get caught up in daily life, work, the autonomy of it all and forget to start going through what I need to go through. Suddenly, my house is a mess and I have no idea how it happened.


The thing is, is that it’s not just the clutter and inability to set something down or walk from one room to the other easily that brings about the need to clean. Having a messy house is emotionally draining. It makes me anxious, tired, frustrated…


And the biggest problem there is that when I am anxious and frustrated and emotionally drained, I no longer can get motivated to get my house clean. And it carries over into my work and I have trouble focusing and getting things done. Thus the importance of keeping a clean house…


So, what better way to get de-cluttered than to sell some of this stuff that I no longer need and make a few extra dollars doing so? A great thing about living in the age we do now is that we have awesome creations like Facebook and Craigslist. My town, sadly, isn’t anywhere near a Craigslist location, but because of that we have three or four “For Sale” sites for our area. Country for sale, town for sale, County for swap, etc. It’s great!

Snap a pic with your phone, post it online with a price and description, wait for responses. It takes roughly 3 minutes, it’s like nothing. And it’s worth it.


It’s so freeing to get rid of the clutter and walk into a simpler, more quiet home.

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2 Replies to “Is your house a cluttered mess?”

  1. this summer I started to declutter: what I didn’t use in the last year: donate, garbage or sold. What I sold I put all the money in a pot: we have around 500, even we spend some money from these.
    I sold some items just for 10% from initial value – so I suppose initial value of the money was around 3-4000 …

    1. That’s a great idea! We are still working on decluttering – what a process! Hopefully all the money we get can go toward our debts. It’s nice that we have an emergency fund built up now so that we don’t have to worry about random expenses that occur! Thank you for your comments! I Love reading them! I would love to hear more about your story if you are ever willing to share.

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