How to make your own beautiful burlap candles for less than $1 a piece!

On our wedding day we wanted everything to be beautiful and perfect. We worked our hardest to make it all gorgeous for our big day. Of course, we had to be thrifty because student loans are killer, so a lot of what we decorated with was DIY crafts – and they were beautiful!

One of our favorites were these little burlap and lace candles. We decided last minute that burlap, lace, and pearls would be our theme (and by last minute, I mean like less than two weeks before the wedding… Did I mention we suck at planning ahead?). We grabbed some glass candle votive jars, burlap wrap, and lace ribbon. Use the ones in the ads for amazon below and you can get the whole project for less than $1 a piece!


We got creative and used some different designs of burlap and different colors of lace to match our wedding colors. Check out how beautiful the finished product is:


So, here goes: How to create these gorgeous decorations!


  1. Preheat the hot glue gun
  2. Measure the candle votive.
  3. Cut 48 burlap pieces to the measurement from Step 2
  4. Cut 48 pieces of lace ribbon to the measurement from Step 2
  5. Hot glue the burlap to the glass
  6. Hot glue the lace to the burlap
  7. Place candle in the jar.
  8. Light or turn on and enjoy!


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14 Replies to “How to make your own beautiful burlap candles for less than $1 a piece!”

    1. Thank you, Lindsay! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it! I hope that you try it out sometime – let me know if you do! I would love to know what your take on it would be! Thanks for the comment!

    1. Yes! Thank you for the comment, Danielle. I bet they would be a gorgeous addition to a dance therapy class. We use them around the house now and they’re very calming. If you make them, leave a picture here in the comments os we can see how they turn out! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jen! I’m glad you like them! I hope you try them out… they’re really fun to make and super easy. If you do, let us know how they turn out! Thanks for the comment!

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