Happy Thanksgiving – The Jahn Family

Today, on this very special day, I would simply like to wish you all a very, very happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, my lovely readers. I truly wish that this Thanksgiving time is a blissful time for you all. After a stressful season at work, in class, or with the kids, it’s important to take some time to relax – even if it doesn’t always seem possible.

We know how hard it can be: you’re living life, you’re chasing your dreams, your keeping up with the demands, you’re just trying to get by. It’s HARD. Life can be really hard. So, today, we hope that you will take time to relax. Let someone else chase the kids for a moment, allow yourself to feel peace, remember that you are important too.

Take time today to smell the roses, to listen to the snow fall, to watch your dog sleep, to smell the delicious food, to relax, to rest, and allow yourself to simply be.

Remember the things you are thankful for: your friends, family, the roof over your head, the carpet beneath your feet, the heat that warms your house, the food on the table, the clothes on your back, the life that you lead, the world that you live in.

You should live life to the fullest each and every day, but especially today. Take time to smile.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, from the Jahn family.

happy thanksgiving

Thank you, readers, for sticking around this past month and a half of DIY Jahn. We are so excited to continue moving forward and so glad that you are all sticking around to see what becomes of this blog.

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  1. Thanks for making us realize that its always the small things in life that matters the most. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Good luck with your blog. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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