Gift idea for the person who has everything

Gift idea for the person who has everything

 Each year we spend countless hours coming up with the perfect gift idea for each of our close friends and family members. As many of you know, this can be tricky business – especially when the person you are shopping for seems to have everything.

My wife and I have this friend who seems to have everything. We’ll hear her say that she wants something and the next time we visit, there it is: sitting in her living room, on her counter, or in the hall. We search and search for a gift idea for this person, but we can never find something that she’ll love.

So, we decided to do some scavenging. We obviously couldn’t spend a ton to purchase a gift (with our budget being so tight and all). Instead, we wanted to find a DIY project that would be perfect for our friend who has everything. Remember that list of DIY Christmas gifts that I made last week? 

We looked back on that and found the perfect gift: DIY Wine Glass Treats – and today we are going to show you how to make them yourself.

gift idea for the person who has everything

The Perfect Gift Idea
for the Person Who Has Everything

Wine Glass Treats are an easy-to-make gift idea that always turn out beautifully. And the best part: They cost you hardly anything, they’re filled with delicious goodies, and they’re beautiful to look at it. It’s a win-win-win for that person who is impossible to shop for!

What you will need:

  • Hot Glue Gun: This is probably something you have lying around, but if not, super glue could also work!
  • Decorations: We are going to show you how we decorated ours, but feel free to get creative. Don’t have burlap around? Grab some ribbon or lace! Don’t have fabric lying around? Construction paper or strategically placed yarn could work too! Don’t have twine or fake stick-on pearls? Find some yarn or buttons! It’s all up to your choices.In order to make the wine glasses as my wife and I did, you’ll want Burlap, Fabric Pieces, Twine, and Fake Stick-On Pearls.
  • Something to Fill Them With: There are many differing ways that you can fill these wine glass treats and it all depends on you and the recipient’s taste! Fill them with small cookies or homemade fudge, baggies with dry ingredients to bake a cookie and a gift tag to explain how to make it, or store-bought candies or peppermints.

How to Make Wine Glass Treats

Gift Idea

Get your crafting space situated. Whenever I’m crafting, I like to make my space feel just right. I set out my materials, turn on some music (in this case, Christmas music on our record player), and get in the mood to do some crafting. Don’t forget to plug in your hot glue gun to get it warming up.

Cut your Burlap. You’ll need to cut your burlap to the right size. I would tell you what this size is, but it really depends on your wine glass. For my wife and I, we assumed that we wanted the burlap to be roughly have the size of the glass portion of our wine glass (as you can see in the pictures). Make sure that your burlap fits snugly around the wine glass circumference as well.

Cut your Twine. We cut our piece of twine to be twice the circumference of the wine glass. We also cut a piece to make a bow around the stem of the wine glass.

Cut your Fabric. The most importance piece for us when creating this gift idea was to make fabric hearts for the front. We wanted something that would really draw your eye in – filled with Christmas-y colors and fun shapes. So, we took two pieces of fabric – a dark green and a patterned red – and cut them into hearts. The dark green was the bigger, background heart, and the patterned red made the smaller, foreground heart.

Find the Centerpiece. In the middle of the hearts, we included some fake, stick-on pearls that we had left over from our DIY wedding day back in September. We wanted to use one button in the very center, but didn’t have any. So, it’s up to you as to whether you want to use some pearls, some buttons, or another item entirely for the centerpiece of your fabric shape.

Get to Gluing. Finally, we took our pieces and set to gluing them to the wine glass to create the perfect gift idea for someone who has everything.

Follow this order for best results:

  1. Glue your burlap piece into place (or ribbon, fabric, whatever you chose to use).
  2. Glue your twine into place – we wrapped ours around twice. Always glue in the back where the burlap met so that the front is pristine and beautiful.
  3. Add the bottom heart shape to the front and center.
  4. Add the smaller heart on top.
  5. Finally, glue or stick-on your centerpiece.

GIFT IDEA for the person who has everything

Fill’er Up! The final step for this DIY gift idea is to fill it up with whatever you would like! For some of ours, we choose to put a cute gift baggy inside and fill it with a cookie-baking kit (flower, sugars, baking sodas, etc.) and instructions on how to make the cookies inside! For the rest, we filled them with homemade and store-bought candies. Kisses and tiny peppermint candies work really well. I’m sure there are many other options that would also fit and look nice.

Give the Gift Idea to the Perfect Person

 Now you have a beautiful gift idea that takes no wrapping and can be given to anyone – especially those that are really hard to shop for. For more fun DIY Christmas gifts, visit our post by clicking HERE: DIY Christmas Gift Guide for Friends and Family.

DIY Christmas gift 1

Thank you for reading! I’d love to hear some DIY Christmas gifts that you have given – share them in the comments below. I reply personally to each comment I receive. I love hearing from you!

Don’t forget: Sharing is caring! Share this post with friends and family who you think would benefit from this gift idea. Thank you in advance!

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