Fun Bridal Party Gift Idea!

Are you trying to hold a beautiful and affordable wedding ceremony? Are you willing to do some DIY stuff to get you there?

You’re definitely in the right place!


So at our wedding we had 4 bridesmaids and 2 best men. We also had 2 ushers, a person helping with photography, a person helping with the video camera, a ring bear, musicians, and flower girls. It was a decent sized wedding party and let me tell you, we could not have made it through the day without them. They were so helpful in every single way imaginable. I don’t think there is any way that I could possibly repay them.


But we wanted to show them that we cared and that we were grateful, even if they deserved far more than we were able to get them. So, we decided a nice, crafty, little gift bag would be perfect!


We used these adorable brown paper gift bags that we found HERE, added some ribbon of our colors, and then wrote their name in metallic markers and it was perfect!

  In each bag we included: one beverage (for those over 21 it was wine, for those under we chose mountain dew), one snack (we had a variety based on peoples’ dietary needs and what they like, but mostly it was fruit roll ups, gushers, fruit by the foot, biscotti, cookies, and fruit strips), and something specifically for them (we chose a game or trinket that we thought they personally would enjoy). Some also received a gift card, stuffed animal (for the little ones), or coffee cup.


And you know, it was just perfect. Because how could it not be? We know that we could never truly repay them for all that they did for us on that wonderful, spectacular day, but we are so glad that we could at least let them know that we care by sharing a gift with them.

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