Don’t know what to do with those old kitchen cupboards?

 So, you know those old kitchen cabinets that you absolutely hate? The ones that you’ve had for however many odd years and you can’t seem to get rid of because they still serve their purpose, but they’re ugly and the wood is splitting and the doors never stay shut when you want them to?

Here’s a great project for you…. you can turn them into a beautiful bookshelf and entertainment center!


First of all, you need to move them and decide where you want them to go. Remember that once you get it there, you won’t be able to move it easily, so make sure that you are sure you have it where you want it. Grab some of the cupboards and fasten them to the wall. Make sure you do so safely so that they are not going to fall down. Then use the rest (presumably where the sink once was) right below it.

A great friend of ours built us this beautiful wood counter top, but you could easily make your own or buy a counter-top scrap from a junkyard or store nearby! Throw some stain on the whole thing. In the picture below, we hadn’t yet stained the inside of the cabinets. You’ll see from the picture above that the stain adds a lot – it’s definitely worth the effort. Remove the doors from the upper cabinet.

Let the stain dry and place your books inside. We now have our TV situated in front of the books as well and it works splendidly for what we need it for.


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