DIY Christmas Gift Guide for Friends and Family

DIY Christmas Gift Guide

Creating a DIY Christmas gift can definitely take away some of the stress of the Christmas season. As we all know, Christmas time is a wondrous and joyous time of year. However, it also comes with its own string of frustrations, headaches, anxiety, and general stress.

I remember as a child wishing for a whole slew of toys – scanning the toy ads, watching commercials, and hoping to get exactly what I wanted. Now as an adult, I mostly just wish to sleep longer and have my bills paid online. That’s not entirely true; there are still things I enjoy getting as gifts, but Christmas has shifted away from a present-centric time of year and instead, represents a more holy season. To me, Christmas ultimately signifies the importance of family and friends in our lives and to show them how much we appreciate their presence in our lives, we give them presents (hah! get it, presence:presents).

This year my wife and I have been working extraordinarily hard to pay off our debt as quickly as we can (read about how we got into so much debt HERE). We have cut back on many expenses, started following a strict budget, and worked to live as frugally as possible.

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So far, we have paid off almost $10,000 in only 10 weeks – which is super exciting for us! You can read about how by clicking HERE. However, this means that we need to cut down our present-giving budget by a LOT.

Therefore, we have decided to create DIY Christmas gifts this year in exchange for our normal store-bought gifts. Not only are these gifts less expensive, but they give my wife and I the chance to truly spend time thinking of who we are giving them to while we are crafting them (and we get to get creative, which we love!).

I’ve compiled a DIY Christmas gift guide of some of our favorite gift-giving options. While we are not making all of these this year, I hope that this list will help you when you’re stuck on what to give someone this holiday season. The gifts range from crocheting, to hot glue-ing, to spray painting, to simply writing, and more – Enjoy!

DIY Christmas gift 1

DIY Christmas Gift Guide

Crocheted Items

Crocheting is one of my favorite ways to craft. I remember learning to crochet at the age of 12 with my Aunt as we sat in a hospital waiting room. She bought me the needed supplies and I took on an ambitious challenge of crocheting my first-ever blanket. I won’t lie – it wasn’t the best completed project and it took me years to finish, but eventually I gave it to my parents and moved on to newer, more exciting projects.

Anyway, I have always enjoyed crocheting and so I have created this small compilation of DIY Christmas gifts that can be made by crocheting. Though, with more time, these could all be made with knitting instead.


These cute little Mary Janes can be made in under an hour and are the perfect gift for a new baby in the family.

DIY Christmas gift 8


If you find a good shawl pattern, they can be an inexpensive and beautiful gift for any family member. A nice, crocheted shawl will be treasured for a lifetime.

DIY Christmas gift 5


Everyone has a head… Hats make great gifts for people of all ages and can be done in many fun designs for any style!

DIY Christmas gift 15


While these do take a lot longer to make, they are a truly meaningful and special DIY Christmas gift. If you have someone who means a lot to you, crocheted blankets are a beautiful way to let them know.

DIY Christmas gift 10

Wine Glass Treats

If you feel uncomfortable crocheting, these wine glass treats are the perfect DIY Christmas gift. The only crafting they take is a little bit of hot glue and your imagination. Use whatever materials inspire you and fill them with your favorite homemade desserts or store-bought candies. I did a post with a step-by-step guide of how to make this craft too! Check it out by clicking HERE: Gift Idea for the Person who has Everything.

DIY Christmas gift 4

Homemade Lotions or Soaps

If you make some lotions or soaps for yourself, consider filling a lovely jar with them and giving it as a DIY Christmas gift. Not everyone knows how to make beautiful soaps and lotions, but many appreciate the quality of a homemade gift such as these.

DIY Christmas gift 16

Personalized Frames

Frames have a very special place in our lives, as humans. We use them to remember and treasure the most wonderful of times, people, and art. Give somebody a beautiful personalized frame to show them how much you care. Here are two different kinds to choose from:

Written Frame

I received this frame as a birthday gift from a very dear friend. The photo is of us together and the words along the side are all words that mean something special: a memory shared between her and me. I display this frame proudly in my home and love sharing it with my friends.

DIY Christmas gift 14

Multi-Photo Frame

Polaroids are becoming more and more popular, but so is the way in which they are displayed. This cute DIY frame can be made with a wooden frame, some twine, and hot glue. Clip photos in and you’re ready to give it as a great DIY Christmas gift!

DIY Christmas gift 9

 Chalkboard Items

We all know that chalkboard items are all the rage in the twenty-first century. It seems that chalkboard paint and its uses were discovered practically overnight! People love to buy a bottle of spray-on chalkboard paint and go to town. So, how can you use this to your favor? Here are a couple of great chalkboard items you can make for your friends and family.

Flower Pot

Have a friend who loves planting or has a green thumb? Give them a chalkboard flower pot to write their plant names and draw pictures on.

DIY Christmas gift 2


This simple project is done by buying a regular frame and spray painting the glass with chalkboard paint. We use ours all the time as a scoreboard in our game room or to display inspiring quotes, fun pictures, or ideas we have.

DIY Christmas gift 3


Spray paint a small patch of chalkboard paint onto a jar to be used for any kind of storage. These storage containers are versatile and easy to change the writing (since they’re a chalkboard, of course).

DIY Christmas gift 7DIY Christmas gift 17

 Recipe Book

 This year for my birthday, my mother spent a long time compiling family recipes and creating a book on Lulu. Now I have a hardcover recipe book with all of my favorite family meals, recipes I made up as a child, and recipes shared by friends and family. There’s even a place to add my own as I go! Click here to make your own (HERE).

DIY Christmas gift 6

Christmas Decorations

Don’t forget that even decorations can make great gifts. My wife’s mother gave her an ornament each year for Christmas to ensure that she had enough to fill her tree by the time she was an adult and on her own. She still treasures each and every ornament she received throughout her childhood.

DIY Christmas gift 12

Christmas Wreaths

Making your own Christmas wreaths, with real pine, can be a great way to share the Christmas spirit with your family and friends. They can display it for a couple of weeks and enjoy the beautiful scent it provides, the gorgeous view, and the compliments they’ll receive from all of their visitors!

DIY Christmas gift 11DIY Christmas gift 13

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29 Replies to “DIY Christmas Gift Guide for Friends and Family”

  1. I love DIY gifts; I made my grandma and mom some macaroon ornaments this year. I love your suggestions, especially homemade lotions! Great list – I think DIY gifts are special.

  2. Thanks you for sharing these amazing ideas. I was looking for a cute gift for my little cousin. Booties seems to be the perfect option.

    1. I’m so glad you found the perfect gift and that my post could be helpful! 🙂 The booties are really simple to make – you can find a pattern on for free if you’re looking. Thank you for your comment, Yamini

    1. Creativity is such an important part of life, but you’re absolutely right – it’s easy to stop being creative when you have other busy work to do. I hope you make some time for it 🙂 Thank you for your comment, Julie

    1. That’s so great, Autumn! I’m glad you liked this post. I’d love some new recipes for lotions, fragrances, and scrubs if you have any posted or that you want to share 🙂 Thanks for your comment

  3. I love your ideas!
    I was just thinking at cookies, biscuits, or jars with ingredients for cakes and a small description how to use it, to knit/crochet scarfs /hats /gloves – or something for winter, to sew shopping bags reusable, or prepare a basket with some products: jam in a jar, honey in a jar with some dried seeds,or dried oranges/apples, pasta homemade sauce canned in a jar etc.

    In plus, don’t spend too much money to decorate. I have some paper saved to reuse, I have 2-3 bugs from lat year, I can go to a shoes shop to ask some empty boxes ( I already know some boxes nice looking, black, where I can un-stick the label with size and stick some hearts/flowers )

    Indeed, these kind of gifts are not suitable for every person. But looking to my friends, I am sure they will appreciate the gift, because they know we are not in the best financial moment, and they know we did the best.

    1. These are great ideas! I love the idea of homemade pasta and sauce in a jar for them to have a homemade meal, or homemade jam. That’s great. It’s also important to think about how we wrap them. Reused paper can definitely be done in a nice way, so can old shoeboxes. Thank you for adding these ideas and for your comment!

  4. Love all of this! Homemade gifts are amazing and the best kind of gift to receive. I am definitely not a crochet person myself, but I love the people in my life that are.

    1. I agree! Receiving homemade gifts is wonderful. People often worry that by giving homemade gifts their friends will think they are cheap – but I think the people who receive them, most times, really appreciate them. Thank you for your comment, Ashley

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