Delicious & Healthy Lunch to Fill You Up!

In search of a healthy option for lunch today? Need something to meal-prep in advance? Struggling to reach your protein goals?

This recipe is perfect for you. Seriously.


So, you’re trying to lose weight right? Aren’t we all. So far, I’ve lost about 35 pounds (but to be fair, I’m not done yet). Looking for a healthy lunch that won’t make you cringe? Tired of eating the same food every day? So am I.

I am coach of a team called Camp Grit It which is part of a larger team called TD Nation. We are just a big family on Facebook – we challenge each other, we push each other, we do exercises together (virtually) and we meal plan together. A great lunch from our meal plan is our Egg Salad on Pita Bread. Yum.

And it’s so easy. Which is awesome – because I know how much time we all have to just devote to cooking lunch each and every day.

So, here it is:

Egg Salad on Pita Bread

2 Large Hard Boiled Eggs
3 Hard Boiled Egg Whites
1 Tbsp Olive Oil Mayonnaise
1 Tbsp Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt
1 Tsp Mustard (Yellow or Dijon)
1 Green Onion
1/2 Whole Wheat Pita Loaf

Dice eggs
Combine ingredients
Season as desired (I like salt, pepper, and garlic)
Enjoy in your pita loaf!

Calories – 350
Carbs – 17
Fats – 18
Proteins – 28


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