Brighten Up Your Space with a DIY Christmas Wreath

Brighten Up Your Space with a DIY Christmas Wreath

Top ‘o the morning to you, readers! I’m sure you’re busy preparing for Christmas, but I wanted to share with you another opportunity that I had to write an article about how to Brighten Up Your Space with a DIY Christmas Wreath!

A fellow blogger and I decided to tag team our articles and by that, I mean – we decided to exchange guest posts. You may remember her post from earlier this week: Last Minute Fashionable Holiday Gift Ideas. It was a hit – filled with awesome ideas for fashionable friends. So, since she posted that on my site, I posted about creating a beautiful DIY Christmas wreath on her site.

You can read the post here: Brighten Up Your Space with a DIY Christmas Wreath

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I’m sure you’re wondering where I came up with the idea, though, right? Well, even if you’re not, I’m going to tell you because I think it’s wonderful.

So, every time we visit my wife’s parents for Thanksgiving they have a craft for us to complete. The first time I went there, her mom had gotten a project together for us and so we all made light balls. We took a bunch of plastic cups, drilled a hole through the bottom, and strung lights through them. Then we stapled them together to make a disco-ball type Christmas decoration that looked gorgeous!

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Well, this past Thanksgiving my wife’s father got together a project for us all to make: DIY Christmas wreaths. After our big Thanksgiving meal, we headed out to the garage where he had set up a table filled with pieces and equipment to build wreaths.

My wife, her parents, her brother, her sister-in-law, and I all set to work creating our wreaths. We had a blast! My wife and I talked about it on the way home, gave a wreath to my parents, and hung two up in our house.

After we hung them up, it was like a breath of fresh air. They were beautiful and they truly brightened up our space! And from that moment came the post: Brighten Up Your Space with a DIY Christmas Wreath.

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Want to make your own? Click here (HERE) to read the post and enjoy!

What is your favorite Christmas decoration or craft?

Also, if you’re looking for some other DIY Christmas gifts – check out our post: DIY Christmas Gift Guide for Friends and Family

DIY Christmas wreath

14 Replies to “Brighten Up Your Space with a DIY Christmas Wreath”

    1. I hope you do! They’re fun to make and really help calm stress. I’m sorry to hear that you are so overwhelmed though. Hope it gets better. Thank you for the comment, Caroline

  1. I went over to the other blog and read the article which was a good one, but came back here to pin from your site. I hope to continue making these wreaths through the winter. I will just make them less Christmasy after the holidays.

    1. Thank you for both reading the article and pinning from my site! It’s certainly appreciated 🙂 I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post; and what a great idea to keep making them theoughout winter! I bet a Valentine’s wreath would be SUPER cute. Let us know what kinds you dream up if you want, we love to hear. 🙂 Thank you so much for the comment, Kim!

    1. Do it!!! That would be beautiful and easy to save from year to year. 🙂 If you do, I would love to see – come back and share it with us! Thank you for your comment, Julie

  2. Nice! I love DIY wreaths. I didn’t have time for any extra projects this year, but hopefully when the twins are older, I’ll have time next Christmas. Thanks for sharing the idea!

    1. They’ll be older before you know it – maybe they’ll want to help you make one next year! If anything, they can do the scavenging for decorations. 🙂 Thank you for your comment, Shann

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