Best way to get rid of mice – essential oils

Best way to get rid of mice

My wife and I are all about having essential oils in our home. In fact, the more we hear about them, the more we want to keep them around. Our collection is very small right now (with only two types) due to our small budget, but as we are able, we like to splurge for a nice bottle of essential oils. While many people believe that oil usage is just a passing fad, we have learned that using them is the best way to get rid of mice (and I’m sure there are many other reasons out there).

Last year, while we were watching television one night, my wife and I noticed a movement on our bookshelf / entertainment center (we made ours out of old kitchen cabinets, find out how you can too – click HERE). Unfortunately, our suspicions were accurate: mice were living in our walls and had found a hole between the wall and the ceiling to sneak through. We set out right away to find the best way to get rid of mice.

We set out traps – any that we could find that wouldn’t harm our dog – and aimed to kill the sneaky, little jerk before he took over. Sadly, again, we were too late. The infestation began soon after. We caught one mouse, two, three, four…the list continued. We would open up cupboards and find mouse droppings or stashed dog food in corners (not a fun sight, let me tell you). We even found stacks of dog food in our couch. Yes, these mice were taking food from our dog’s dish, crawling between our cushions (where we sat each night), and hiding the food there. The problem: we didn’t know the best way to get rid of mice.

The mice were every where. We saw them while showering as they ran out from underneath the shower and into our cupboards, we found dead mice in stacks of towels, in cupboards where we kept our dishes, in a curio cabinet with valuables, in the couch, in corners, on book shelves, in drawers, in walls, under the sink, in the stove: they were everywhere.

No matter what we did, the mice would take over.

Best way to get rid of mice

We were left with no choice: we had to clean like nobody’s business. Unfortunately, due to the conditions, we had to throw away over half of our belongings which were destroyed in the mouse infestation. We cleaned like crazy and eventually were able to rid the house (mostly) of the mouse droppings (except those that were still happening).

We made the decision to live out of boxes. Since the mice weren’t in the bedroom at that point, we left the bedroom untouched. We moved any dishes that were not in the top cupboards to boxes and pull them out as needed. We moved all household items to plastic storage tubs. We moved all craft supplies to storage tubs. Basically our entire house is filled with boxes that we live out of: of course, when we eventually move, this will certainly make moving simpler. It’s not exactly the way we want to live, but our goal is to ensure that the rest of our belongings are unharmed by the mice.

The other concern we had with living with so many mice was our health and safety. Unfortunately, this is a harder one to surpass. Since there is little we could do, we filled the holes that we could and tried our best to disinfect every surface before touching it. And even with all of these, we still could not figure out the best way to get rid of mice. It was a horrid winter for our family, but we made it through and are stronger for it.

This year, we changed our thinking. We could not stand another winter living with that many mice – it wouldn’t be healthy, safe, or financially sane of us to live with that many mice for another year. We bought some caulk and filled in some more holes as we were able, but left the big ones as there is no way for us to repair those. Then we made one of the greatest decisions we have ever made: and it has worked. So far, we have not had a single mouse in our house (from a house that by this point last year was infested).

Best Way to Get Rid of Mice

So, what was this amazing decision? What made it so that our house could be mouse-free for this winter? What is helping us to survive the cold months in our home?

It’s simple: Essential oils.

More specifically, peppermint oil is the best way to get rid of mice. We went out to the store and purchased peppermint oil from the pharmacy in our town. Though, take my word for it: it is much cheaper on Amazon and if we had been able to wait for it, we would have definitely gone with that purchase instead. Even at our local Walmart, the prices for essential oils are outrageous at roughly $8 for a 1oz bottle. On Amazon, we are able to get 4oz for only $10.95!

You can find it here:

The thing is: mice hate the scent of peppermint. It creates a hazardous living condition for them so they steer clear of anything that contains that, to them, horrid scent.

We went out and bought two bottles and started using it right away. We poured a few drops on cotton balls and ran the oil along cupboard doors, outside door frames, and other heavily used areas. Then we placed cotton balls with the scent soaked in all over the house – near base boards, under shelves, under the couch, in drawers, in cupboards, by the television, behind the fridge, under the stove, near furniture, in the bathroom, inside the giant holes in our walls. We put them EVERYWHERE.

Even better: we are thinking of purchasing a diffuser which helps to conserve the peppermint oil and make the smell waft throughout the entire house. High quality diffusers can also be purchased for cheap on Amazon, similar to this beautiful one:

Our house smells strongly of peppermint at all times, but we don’t mind as it certainly is the best way to get rid of mice – and we can use all the help we can get. Thankfully, we have had the luck to not see any mice since saturating our house with peppermint oil.

Not only is our house cleaner and mouse-free, but the use of peppermint oil as a mouse-repellent is 100% safe for your kids and your pets – no more worrying about little fingers being snapped or poison being consumed. If the cotton balls are picked up, they are not considered harmful. Yet another reason why this is the best way to get rid of mice.

Tips when purchasing essential oils

  • There are many companies online that will try to sell you essential oils for outrageous amounts. For certain areas of life, these oils may have a purpose, but when trying to find the best way to get rid of mice, the cheap stuff works just as well. Use a company like Amazon which is trusted to give high quality products for a lower cost.
  • Always ensure that your oils are undiluted (meaning they are 100% oil). The best way to get rid of mice is to use pure, undiluted peppermint oil.
  • Pick up some lavender oil while you’re at it – it’s a relaxing agent and can help you sleep more soundly at night! This is just a random tip, sorry, but I sure do love lavender oil. I find it calming when I am getting ready for bed. I put a little on my wrist and the scent helps me to fall right to sleep.

best way to get rid of mice

Good luck!

We know how hard it can be to live with mice – it’s certainly not fun. I hope that you find this tip to work for you as well as the best way to get rid of mice. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to using peppermint oil as a mouse-repellent.

What other uses have you found for essential oils? Have you found other ways to get rid of mice? Do you have a mouse problem at your home? Let us know in the comments below! I personally respond to every comment that is left on my blog. Thanks in advance.

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29 Replies to “Best way to get rid of mice – essential oils”

    1. That’s great! There’s nothing worse than mouse problems (okay, there are some things that are worse, but they can be so unbelievably frustrating). I’m glad you aren’t dealing with them at the moment, but I hope this helps in the future if you ever do struggle with them!

  1. best way to get rid of mice is to take a cat 🙂 . Second is to prevent and keep clean and no space for these: remove big boxes ( I never opened some boxes during 2 years so it was obvious I don’t need it).
    keep it simple and stupid – this is the easiest solution for me…

    1. Cats are definitely useful as well! 🙂 You’re right. I like your tip: if you haven’t opened a box in 2 years, you obviously don’t need it. Try not to keep those around. Great stuff, thank you!

    2. We have two cats and the cats catch mice occasionally, but we still see them. Had one walk right through the room we were watching TV in last night. Not cool at all. We also live out in the country, surrounded by woods. Doesn’t matter how clean we keep it, mice will come in during the winter.

      1. That’s exactly how our life is. We live in the middle of the woods and they come no matter what – it’s not fun. We watched one climb on our bookshelf while we were watching tv. Yuck! That’s why we implemented peppermint oil – you should definitely try it. Thank you for your comment, Renee! 🙂

  2. I didn’t know that peppermint was a scent that mice didn’t like. We actually just bought a diffuser, and have some peppermint, so that is perfect. We had mice last year, and I’m hoping to keep them out this year. Thanks for the tip!

    1. You should definitely try it! 🙂 I love essential oils, but i’m just learning their purposes. Hope this helps with any mouse problems you may come across! Thanks for the comment, Christina

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