YOUNIQUE way to make money: Make Money Online Series

Good morning, my favorite readers!
Today starts our DIY Jahn Make Money Online Series with Younique.

The Make Money Online Series will be a compilation of guest posts and blog posts on the topic of how to make money online – today we will be looking at Younique! When I first began my journey to paying off debt fast, I searched for every possible option to earn extra money (and am still looking!). I scrounged the web searching my options and signed up for everything I could.

Of course, this led to a bunch of spam and horrible programs that do not actually help to make money online… SO that’s why I have developed this series.

Younique makemoneyonline

To debunk these programs and find ways to make money online that work we will look at avenues that really work and that will truly help you to earn a side income (or to help you to be a stay at home mom). We’ll cover topics such as direct sales, freelancing, blogging, etc. and posts will be made on the topic 2-3 times per week. Keep checking back or sign up for our weekly email newsletter!

If you have a topic you would like us to cover, leave it in the comments below! If you would like to contribute, let me know!

Our first Make Money Online Series post:

A YOUNIQUE way to make money online

Today we will hear from our guest, Rena Skarin, about how she earns enough to be a 25 year old stay-at-home mommy to 9 month old twins (and how you can do the same)! So, without further ado, here is Rena:

Hello! I’m lucky enough to be a stay at home mommy thanks to Younique. Now let me tell you, I hated makeup and anything to do with it. I didn’t like getting all dolled up, but now I have done a complete 180. I love being able to put on my mascara and conquer the world. Younique has given me the chance to provide for my children, but also help other women feel more beautiful and confident about themselves.

Younique - makemoneyonline

Younqiue is a natural cosmetic and skin care company based out of Lehi, Utah. Our co-founders are Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft. This brother-sister duo created Younique in 2012 and since then Younique has been a force in the direct sales world. Our 3d fiber+ mascara has taken the makeup world by storm. We were recently crowned the fastest growing direct sales company. The way Younique works is you pay a small enrollment fee and you get a presenters kit valued at $168 dollars (don’t let the cost scare you, the earnings far outweigh the initial costs!)

I make enough money each month to get diapers and formula past what I get from WIC. This past order, I made enough to buy groceries for my family for two weeks. It may not be a fortune, but it helps me to provide for my family while staying at home with my babies.

Younique is different because we are a social media based company. Many of our presenters have built their empire through social media. When you sign up as a presenter you start as a White Status presenter making a 20% commission on what you sell. Once you sell a $1000 in product you go to yellow, and from yellow you can move to pink. Pink is where you start making a commission on the people in your down line. You can work your way all the way up to Black status, which is the highest rank in the company.

Younique MakeMoneyOnlineSeries

What I love most about Younique is that we give back. The reason Younique was founded was to fund the Younique Foundation which was created to help sexually abused women. The Foundation sends women on a retreat where they can learn skills to help them find a way to heal and cope. We are also working on another foundation called Defend Innocence for sexually abused children. With any orders placed online, the dollar amount can be rounded up and the amount rounded is donated to the Younique Foundation.

I love this company. I love the products. I love the mission. I love the bond with other presenters. I love the opportunities I have been given because of my involvement. I love meeting new people and talking with new women every day. I love helping women feel more confident. Most of all I love that I am able to provide for my family in a low-stress environment with hours that I create for myself.

Thank you once again, Rena, for contributing to our Make Money Online Series! Let Rena know you appreciate her by leaving a comment below!

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  1. I recently started a direct sales business (pampered chef), and I’ve wondered about other direct sales out there. Honestly, I”ve never given Younique a second thought, but I really liked all that she mentioned in this post—especially that they give back AND that the makeup is natural. Very cool!

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