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30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge

If your family is anything like mine, you’ve felt the frustrations of a cluttered home. My wife and I moved into our small house about two years ago from college dorms and apartments. We settled in, we decorated, we stored, we received gifts, we stored, we went shopping, we stored, etc. etc. etc. Now, after two years of living in our cluttered and chaotic home, we are realizing the importance of simplicity in life. We are striving toward debt-free living, but a healthy life is more than finances alone. That’s why we have decided to complete our first ever 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge – and we want you to join us!

The 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge was created by Erin on A Welder’s Wife and she has graciously allowed me to share the challenge with you all for the month of April. I would love to have you all join for as much or as little of the challenge as you are willing!

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30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge

This challenge is a great chance for us all to declutter our minds and our bodies. Erin did a great job of introducing why this challenge is so very important when she wrote her guest blog titled Declutter Your Life, Reach Your Debt Free Goal (Click HERE to read this post). Erin shared how minimizing your lifestyle can help you to save money and get out of debt quicker (isn’t that what we are all about anyway?).

Minimizing means simplifying your life to enjoy a higher quality of living. As a result of living a minimalist lifestyle, people feel more attuned to their emotions, they are more present in their everyday lives, they are happier, and their wallets are more full. As someone who has lived with clutter for most of her life, I’m ready to simplify. I’m pumped to see the results of this challenge! Are you?

What Do You DO During a 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge?

First of all, I’m sure you’re wondering what all the challenge entails, right? Well, here’s a day-by-day guide of what we will be doing! Mind you, we will be adding some fun twists on our Facebook groups and Newsletter – so make sure to join and sign up below!

(These daily tasks and explanations for the 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge are taken from Erin’s site: A Welder’s Wife – click here to see her site.)

Day 1: 5 items
Find 5 items you can toss or donate. I am going to keep a box for the entire challenge of donate items. If an item needs tossed, I will do so instantly. 

Day 2: Countertops
Clear your counter tops of everything, wipe them clean, and add back only what is necessary. Everything else needs a new home, tossed, or donated. 

Day 3: Meditate for 15 Minutes
I read the book 10% Happier by Dan Harris, and learned about the benefits of meditation. I am a skeptic, but I wanted to give it a try anyways. The instructions I have read for beginners include: concentrate on your breaths, focus on the in and out motion, and if you find yourself drifting, bring yourself back to your breath. I thought this would be great to try before bed, to help unwind from the day. 

Day 4: Junk Drawer
We all have them, but why? It’s time to break up with the Junk Drawer for good! Find a place for everything by giving a new home to the item, tossing, or donating. 

Day 5: Clothing
Time to cull your wardrobe! I am trying a capsule wardrobe for first time, and loving it! I started at the beginning of October, but I feel after some time there are pieces I don’t wear. It’s time to find these pieces a new home! 

Day 6: Digital Cleanse
Turn off all electronic devices for one day. Take this time to enjoy the company of your family, time outdoors, reading a book, etc. I realize this is hard for a lot of people [myself included], but I am really excited for this day’s challenge! 

Day 7: Accessories
Time to clean out jewelry, hand bags, belts, scarves, etc. Just leave the shoes for another day. I did this one about a month ago, and I should have gotten pictures of the before and after. It was amazing what I was able to let go of. That being said, I still feel like I have a few things I can part ways with. 

Day 8: Shoes
Time to purge shoes! Another hard one for me. While I don’t have a lot of shoes, I still have more than I probably need. Until recently, I had my old cheerleading shoes from 2002! They are still in great condition, but they had ran their course. Now I just need to decided on everything else. 

Day 9: Pamper Yourself
When was the last time you took time for yourself? Today is all about you! Enjoy a nice soaking bath, an all natural face mask, or maybe even go get a pedicure/manicure. 

Day 10: 10 items
Find 10 items to donate or toss! I’m sure over the past few days there have been some things that have stuck out to you. Grab them up and give them a new home. 

Day 11: Social Media
Social media is designed to help people connect through multiple platforms, but how many of these people only post negative posts, do you actually know that person, and why did you follow that person to begin with? If a person isn’t adding anything to your life, it is time to defriend them. Don’t worry, they won’t be notified. You should only follow or friend people who add something to your life or make you happy. 

[Added bonus: Clear out and sort your emails. Unsubscribe from all promotional emails. You have much more important things in your life than to delete multiple promotional emails everyday. Even if you feel you can’t do without a certain store’s promotions, unsubscribe! Give it a try and see if you miss it. I didn’t! Plus, if you do miss it, you can always resubscribe.] 

Day 12: Find a product to use up
Is there a lotion you have just a little left in, or a sauce that is about to expire? If so, take today and use it! Today you will gain some space! 

Day 13: Pantry
Look through everything and check expiration dates. Throw out anything expired or you will not use. 

Day 14: Pots & Pans
A hard day for anyone who cooks a lot. Be honest with what is your favorite to cook with and what pieces you neglect. A tip I have seen is to see if lids fit more than one pot/pan. If so, you can let go of a few lids, and free up some space. 

Day 15: Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier
Wish you had more time in your day? Waking up just 30 minutes earlier can help you achieve a more successful day. Use this time to finish up some cleaning, write in your journal, take your time getting ready, etc. 

Day 16: Linens
The truth is you only need 2 sets of sheets per bed. Everything else is only taking up space. You could repurpose the extras into reusable paper towels, toss them depending on their condition, or donate them. Towels are the same. I’ve seen some minimalist only keep one towel per person; however, that will not be the case for my husband and I. To each their own, but be sure you find new homes for what doesn’t fit in these means. 

Day 17: Cleaning Products
Do you hoard cleaning products like I do? It’s time to be honest with what products you use and what you are holding onto just because it’s a cleaning product. 

Day 18: Journal for 15 Minutes
One thing I have always wanted to make a habit is writing in a journal. Take 15 minutes to write down whatever is on your mind. Who knows, we might all be surprised at the end of this exercise. 

Day 19: Skin Care
All cosmetics have an expiration date. Most are 1-3 years. Purge the expired and then see what’s left. From here, purge anything you haven’t used in over a month. If there is anything else left to question, it goes. You will be left with what you use and works best for you. Who knows, you may even develop your skin care system. 

Day 20: Make Up
Same rules apply as did on Day 19. In addition, if it isn’t your color, purge it. 

Day 21: Go for a walk
Enjoy today by taking a walk outside. 

Day 22: Medicine
Purging the expired medicine may rid you of more space than expected. Remember to dispose of medicine properly. If there is more left than expected, see if there is any medicine you have that doesn’t work for you and dispose of it. 

Day 23: Mail/Paperwork
This is probably my least favorite day. I don’t have as much as some, but I have enough to make this task a pain. It is something that has to be done, however. Only keep papers needed to pay your current bills and papers needed for tax purposes. Everything else can be shredded. 

Day 24: Guilty Pleasure
Probably my favorite day of this challenge. We’ve all been working hard and need to enjoy ourselves from time to time. Today, we have the opportunity to take an hour to enjoy a guilty pleasure. This can be anything from enjoying dessert before dinner, watching reality TV, etc. I will probably use my time to read a book I’ve had my eyes on for a little while. 

Day 25: Crafts
We all have those projects we said we would do, and they are still waiting for us. Time to push the guilt aside and purge these crafts. Only keep things you plan to make within the next two months. Everything else can be tossed or donated. 

Day 26: Keepsakes
If you have followed my posts, you know I have purged my keepsakes. However, I feel by the time I reach day 26, I will have a new found hope in finding more I can part with. Keepsakes are extremely hard to purge, because most people tie memories to items. It is important to remember the memory, but not attach it to things. 

Day 27: Evaluate Priorities
Make a list of everything important to you at this time. Arrange each item from most important to least. We may find some adjustments are needed. 

Day 28: Phone Apps
How many of us have applications on our phone we don’t use? Time to uninstall! One thing I have previously done is uninstall Facebook from my phone. I found I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook for hours, and only finding myself mad and aggravated when I decided to stop. Since uninstalling it, I probably get on Facebook once or twice a week to check my notifications for event information from friends and family that aren’t local. For the applications you cannot delete, group together so they don’t take up so much screen space. This will declutter your phone and declutter your mind when you use your phone. 

Day 29: Contacts
Are you like my husband, who still has contacts from 10 years ago? Do you still talk to that person? Do they have the same number? If the answer is no or I’m not sure, it’s been long enough, and it’s time to delete it. A cleared contact list will save you time and distraction from thinking of the past. You are meant to live in the present, so let’s clean that contact list up a bit! 

Day 30: Reflect on the Past 29 Days 
Take time today to think of where you started and how far you have come. Do you have more space? Is your space less cluttered? Have you discovered things about yourself you didn’t know before this challenge? How did you enjoy the mindful exercises? Did you develop new habits?

(These daily tasks and explanations for the 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge are taken from Erin’s site: A Welder’s Wife – click here to see her site.)

Thank you, Erin, for letting us take this amazing challenge! We are so excited to share the results with you when we are finished.

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How Do You Join Our 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge?

So, now that you’re psyched to join the 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge, let’s talk about how!

Mailing List

We have an awesome mailing list that gets weekly updates and motivation for the challenge. If you are feeling up to the challenge, use the space below!

Facebook Groups

As with any challenge, you will need a great support system to complete the 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge. We have two Facebook groups for just this purpose. Request to join one or both using the links below!

Frugal Living Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fiscalfast/

LGBT Frugal Living Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1730263597191949/

What inspires YOU to get rid of the clutter & take the 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge?

Leave your responses in the comments below!

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18 Replies to “30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge – 30DMDC”

  1. Such a great idea. Some of this doesn’t really apply to me, but I think I will join in and make it work with my lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Awesome! You can do as much or as little of it as you would like – we love the support and community and will welcome you wherever you are at in your journey. I think you’ll get a TON out of this challenge. Can’t wait to see everyone’s results! 🙂

  2. At a time when I feel like all we are doing is adding to the clutter as we prep for baby #2, this couldn’t come at a more perfect time! I have about 5 weeks before my due date, So just enough time to clear my house and my mind with this challenge!

    1. That’s so perfect, Emily! I’m so glad that this happened to be so aptly timed. I wish I could say I planned it that way, but really… I didn’t… haha. 🙂 I’m so happy you’ll be joining us, though!

    1. Woohoo! Go Marette! I think you’re absolutely right – unless you are living with only 20 items, you probably have clutter! The challenge certainly can’t hurt. I’m so glad that you are joining us. 🙂

  3. I am decluterring about several years. Yep, it is a never ending story (ok, I exaggerate a little). I needed several months to unsubscribe of emails and by posts. Sometimes didn’t work from the first :). Before I had 100-200 email spam per day, now I have less than 10, but it wasnt’ by night, or one day… I realised how much time I spent daily to remove unwanted the emails: several minutes daily. Same for the spam posts pubs: I needed daily 3-5 minutes to take it, to select and to put in the garbage, and to clean the garbage. In both cases, don’t forget the pollution and energy consumption.

    For the house, I declutter area by area. I have spaces when become frustrating, so I decided to take a pause, 2-3 weeks, and restart.

    Difficult is to involve the rest of the family.

    I recommend to sell everything, eventually locally. Even I sold items with 1 euros (10% of the initial value), there are people that need it and they are too proud to accept/ask as a donation. In plus I collected the money in a jar: it is visual to see how many items… useless I had. In plus I learned like this I will find an item as soon as I need, cheap, and to re-sell as soon as I don’t need it. I sustain idea to circulate some items.

    Now I still have some extra items, but the total value from sales is not worth much to try the effort to sell. Yet 😀

    Our biggest issue are the books. We moved. We counted more that 500 books and I abandoned the counting. And the boxes with books are so heavy … common!! Now we have a kindle, so we stopped to buy. I am thinking to donate to a local library but we have books in 4 languages :D.

    1. It’s so hard to find the end to the decluttering – I feel like we always are, too. Our goal is to do really well during this challenge, really kill it, and then do the KonMari system after for a final sweep – in May. After that, we are hoping to have very little to our name and a lot of space and calm. That’s the goal anyway!

      I agree that emails can be a HUGE hassle when it comes to decluttering – they take so much time daily. It’s definitely worth it to get rid of them.

      We hope to sell a bunch of our items on a local facebook page – just to get them out of our home and earn a little extra cash. I like your idea of keeping a jar to see how many useless items you had!

      Books really are our struggles too. We LOVE buying books. It’s going to be hard (to say the least) to get rid of them, but it’s definitely something that we need to commit to doing because we don’t want to carry them all when we move!

      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hi Cassie,

    Thank you for this challenge! To be honest, I have done all those steps except the sleep one. I feel that these 30 mins will give me the energy I need to work for the rest of the day. If I sleep less, then I notice that I find it harder to finish my daily goals without getting tired. Great post, thank you!


    1. That’s legit, I totally understand, Zaria. Getting your sleep is so important, so if you can’t do that one, no one will fault you for it! I’m glad you’re doing the others, that’s what matters!!! Thanks for reading and joining us for the challenge!

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