3 guestbook ideas to enjoy for the day of your wedding!

The day of your wedding is a very special and very important day. That being said, it needs to be commemorated as such. Now, if you don’t have bridesmaids who amazingly surprise you with the most amazing thumbprint tree of all your guests (like mine did… I love them), then you might want to make sure that your guests all get into the memory book somehow. Here are three ideas we used that worked perfectly and gave us a great memory book to look back and think of them often!

    1. Our first, and favorite, idea was to pick up a polaroid camera from Amazon. We used this one:

      And then we needed film. We checked prices for a long time and found that if you buy film in bulk, you save a TON of money. So, we bought this pack:

      We found an old frame at a flee market for less than $5 and bought it for the guestbook. With a few cans of spray paint, we transformed it into a perfect photo prop for our wedding day.ย Then we talked to our lovely niece. She is a wonderful and sweet young lady who means absolutely everything to us. She was more than willing to help by taking the photos for us!
      Once everything was in place, we were ready for our guestbook to begin! We hung up twine and had clothespins decorated with washi tape for people to hang their photos on as they were taken.
      We put up their names and they were told to replace their name with a photo. It turned out beautifully and photos of our guests lined the reception hall.
      We even made a cute little frame for the photos of just the people in the wedding party. Now, we have this frame hanging in our house as an adorable reminder of the beautiful day we had!
      This was by far our favorite of our guestbook ideas, but it was definitely not the only one!
    2. The second idea we had went with the first, sort of. So, we cut up some pieces of scrap booking paper and laid them out on a table with ย markers and pens. We chose metallic sharpies, but you could use anything.
      Then we put up a sign explaining what to do – “Pick a paper and leave us… a story, a poem, a haiku, a note, your name, a drawing… etc.” We just wrote a bunch of random ideas and they could leave whatever they want! We got some adorable stories and some great notes and advice from our close friends.
      We haven’t had time yet, but soon we will be putting the papers next to the pictures in the scrap book pictured above and we’ll have a scrap book filled with wedding day memories from the people who matter most to us!
    3. Finally, on our guest table, we had a little recipe chest that we bought. Next to it we had some index cards and a sign saying “Leave us a yummy recipe!” We had our friends and family leave their favorite recipes for us so that we could start our collection and we got some great ones too: Taco Soup, Salsa Chicken, Creme de Menthe Cake – yum! And these are just a few of the many. We also got some silly ones like “Call parents” and “1. Buy wine, 2. Order pizza” which is also perfect. It was a great addition to our beautiful day and now we have a bunch of fun foods to try as we move forward!

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8 Replies to “3 guestbook ideas to enjoy for the day of your wedding!”

    1. We loved it! It worked out super well so that we had a picture of each guest for our scrapbook. ๐Ÿ™‚ We still had a photographer of course, but these were just a single photo of each person. It was lovely! Thanks for the comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. This is perfect! I have been planning for a Polaroid corner for my wedding as well! I was actually really worried if the right people got a chance to put their pictures up and not random guests, but the idea of names put up to be replaced by photos is just brilliant! I’m totally gonna use that. Thank you so.much! Would have loved to see the final frame that you’ve got up in your house but I totally respect your privacy.
    Love x

    1. Aiman, stay tuned! I’ll post a picture of the one in our house. We put just the bridal party photos in that one and then the other guests pictures all went into our scrapbook. I hope it turns out well when you do this for your wedding!!! You’ll have to keep us informed. I’d love to see pictures of how your wedding turns out! When do you plan to get married?

      Thanks for the comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks, Rania! It definitely could go for other events too – I hadn’t even thought of that. It’d be fun at a birthday as well and other events I’m sure. Thanks for commenting!

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