20 something goals before 25

20 something goals before 25

Before I get into my 20 something goals, I have a story – don’t I always? Yesterday I decided that I no longer wanted to act like an adult for the weekend. After spending the week Adulting – keeping the house cleaned, working, stressing about finances, I was ready to just relax. My wife and I slept late, ate soup for breakfast with homemade noodles, watched our favorite show, and decided we wanted to play in the snow.

It was a fabulous day up until the point where I set my soup bowl on the ground to let my dog finish it up and stood back up quickly only to hit my head on the corner of the counter. But we didn’t let that ruin our day because my wife and I have vowed to live life to the fullest each and every day that we are alive. Which means not letting a bump on the head force us to have a bad day.

It caused me to start thinking about other ways I work to live my life to the fullest (and ways I don’t work so hard). So, I’ve decided to make 20 something goals to complete before I turn 25 (October 2016) – I can’t believe I’m that old! I know I may not finish all 20 something of them, but I will work my hardest to finish as many as humanly possible. I’ll be crossing them off as the year moves forward and I’ll keep you all up-to-date on the progress!

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My 20 Something Goals

1.) Pay off at least 20 percent of my debt – which is around $40,000. So far, we have paid off 5% (which is almost $10,000 in only 10 weeks). This is the most important of my 20 something goals and my number one priority.

2.) Take a vacation to somewhere new – We’ve gone a lot of places, but I want to see somewhere new before I’m 25!

3.) Follow through on a No Spend Challenge – We’re trying this in January, stay tuned for more info!

4.) Get more true followers / readers on DIY Jahn – I’d love to up my reader base to have more people. More people = more comments = more conversation = more relationships = more fun.

5.) Graduate from my Masters Program – or at least finish all of the requirements (graduation is technically in November).

6.) Learn at least 20 new recipes from Julia Child – For my birthday, my wife bought me Julia Child’s famous cookbook. I’d love to work my way through at least 20 new recipes before my next birthday.

Find it here:

7.) Bring Henry back to life – Henry is my tree. He’s beautiful and has long, flow-y leaves. I suck at caring for plants though and he’s kind of dying. I want to keep him alive and get him back to his full, green self.

8.) Complete P90x3 again – I did the full P90x3 program once and loved it. I would love to complete it again before I turn 25 and continue building my strength.

9.) Speaking of exercise: Lose 40 pounds – Ultimately, I want to lose enough weight to be within a healthy weight range for my height. For now, I will stick to saying lose 40 pounds because I think that’s a good goal for this amount of time.

10.) Finish My Monopoly – Last year for Christmas we bought the My Monopoly game, but we haven’t finished putting it together yet. I’d love to make it!

11.) Write a book draft – I don’t write often and I’m not great at it, but I truly enjoy writing. So, I would like to finish an entire book draft by the time I turn 25. Just a fiction novel for fun.

12.) Turn my blog posts into an eBook – Speaking of writing, I’d love to make an eBook for my blog. I’m not sure the topic yet, but I’m thinking it will be based on my Make Money Online Series (view posts HERE).

13.) Read at least 10 books – I’m bad at reading. I love reading books and getting captivated by the story, being taken away into new worlds and loving the characters, but I’m horrible at actually following through and making time to read. So, I would like to finish at least 10 books before I turn 25.

14.) Take more pictures for fun – I would like to go on more photo walks, take more pictures, and get behind the lens more often. I absolutely love doing photography and experiencing nature all at once. I’d love to take advantage of the area we live in and enjoy it more often.

15.) Speaking of pictures: Learn Instagram for the blog – I don’t know much about Instagram, but I would love to learn how to use it for DIY Jahn. I think it’s a great resource, plus as I said, I love photos.

16.) Don’t buy any boxed pasta – Except Mac and Cheese, of course. I’d like my wife and I to make our own, homemade, fresh pasta forever – and I’d like to save money on pasta purchases.

17.) Quit drinking Mountain Dew – I have a love-hate relationship with Mountain Dew, but I’ll tell you right now that it’s mostly the love side. It’s so delicious, refreshing, and wonderful, but it’s SO unhealthy. By the time I turn 25, I would like to have quit Mountain Dew in its entirety.

18.) Go sailing – I absolutely adore sailing, but haven’t gotten to go in a long time. I’d love to get out again this summer and maybe even try out Serendipity (My wife and I’s sailboat).

19.) Fix Serendipity – Actually, that’s a great goal too. I’d like to fix Serendipity up enough that she can be licensed and stable in the lake.

20.) Go camping – As with sailing, I love camping, but rarely get to go. I would like to take some time this year to actually go camping and just spend the weekend away with my wife and our puppy.

21.) Play the cello – I played the cello all through school, for almost 12 years! But I let it slip away and haven’t played for a few years now. I would like to take Oliver, my cello, out, dust him off, fix him up, and spend some time just playing him.

22.) Build our record collection – We have recently taken up the hobby of collecting records. It would be great to build up our collection though. I would like to have at least 10 more records that I love in our collection.

23.) Finish sketches for my sister-in-law – My sister-in-law asked me to do a couple of drawings of her family – her and her husband (my brother), her daughters (my nieces), and her parents. I told her I would get them done, but haven’t had the time yet. I plan to have these completed and gifted to her by the time I turn 25

24.) Paint a canvas for my wife’s office – My wife works as an outpatient therapist for a behavioral center and she is moving to a new office soon. She wants me to paint her a picture to help decorate her new office – and that is my goal!

Ready for the Challenge

It’s going to be hard to complete all of these in one year, maybe even impossible, but I have to try. I want to have something to show for my 24th year of life and the best thing I can do is to complete these 20 something goals.

BUT I’d love your help! Comments and encouragements are always welcome. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

What are your goals for this new year? Share them below!

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6 Replies to “20 something goals before 25”

  1. First, you are really young! reading your wise blog I was convinced you are more mature! ( this should be compliment, ok?) .I started to have all these questions definitely later… ( the only teenage wise idea was to study with a scholarship and small jobs to receive money from the school and to not pay the school).

    Keep focus in your ideas – I had never such many ideas to improve myself, so I will put several on my lists . Thank you, I am grateful.

    1. Aw, thank you! I appreciate the compliment. 🙂 It’s a great idea to study with a scholarship and small jobs rather than taking out loans – I bet it’s nice to not have that debt now too. And I’m so glad my goals have helped you think of goals for yourself! I hope that you reach some of them, but you should definitely keep us up-to-date on how they go.

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