20 Free Things to do to Make You Happy

20 Free Things

Good morning, readers! I want to share with you another wonderful opportunity that I had this past week to write a post about 20 Free Things to do to Make You Happy. I was contacted by a fellow blogger to write a guest post for her Inspirational Site – called Painted Tea Cup. Her site has tons of great information about Chronic Illness, Inspiration, and Essential Oils.

Of course, I was happy to have the opportunity to share my post with her and quickly began working on what to write. I wanted to create an inspirational post that fit my blog’s theme: living life to the fullest on a frugal budget. So, of course, that’s where my post came about: 20 Free Things to do to Make You Happy.

20 free things

Head on over to Painted Tea Cup to read my post by clicking HERE.

How my wife and I are utilizing 20 free things

After I posted the guest blog, I knew I had to spend some time just relaxing and enjoying my wife’s company. I want to always remember how at this time in our lives, it is so easy to go home and watch Friends and be together. Last night we watched the last episode in the Friends series – we tend to fall in love with television shows and binge watch them through to the end. Anyway, we have been hooked on Friends recently so that’s how we spent our time.

After the episode ended, I got out my canvas and paints and began painting my goal board for 2016 (I’ll write about that soon) and my wife got out her keyboard and practiced some Christmas carols. She sang loudly and proudly and filled the room with her beautiful music. Our puppy, Sofi, cuddled up against my side as I painted. It was a beautiful evening – we relaxed, enjoyed each other’s company, and didn’t have to spend a dime.

What are you working on to be happy each day?

Don’t forget to read my guest post: 20 Free Things to do to Make You Happy

7 Replies to “20 Free Things to do to Make You Happy”

  1. I’m headed over to check out your guest post, but I wanted to leave a little comment here first.

    My husband and I do the same with TV series! We have Netflix, so it is easy to get carried away with it. For us, it is a great way to spend quality time together. We laugh, sigh, are frustrated with cliff hangers, etc. It also takes us a little while to get through an episode, because we like to pause and talk some about our days. It’s great to spend these evenings together! It’s the simple things that make the difference!

    1. My wife and I also love Netflix – like you and your husband, it’s a great way for us to connect and be together at the end of the day. We love binge-watching our favorite series! 🙂 I’m glad you have enjoyed doing that with your husband as well, Erin. Thank you for reading and commenting – and I hope you enjoyed the post when you got there!

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